The Beardman’s Current Top 10 Anticipated Titles

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Well boys and girls, Halloween is just around the corner, which means that Christmas is only a few blocks further, twirling a knife between its fingers and whistling a tune as it contemplates all the horrible things it will do to your wallet. Those dreams of sugar plums and candy canes dancing in your head will also be accompanied with thoughts of what to get your friends, family and other assorted loved ones. While I realize not everyone is looking to Beardo Claus for a new game or console, some will be, and this one is for you.

Note here that not every game I’m mentioning will be out in time for Christmas, but every one of them seems more than worth the wait. Upcoming birthday for the new year? Celebrating a graduation? Baby’s first gaming experience? All these and more can be covered in this list!

Enough chatter, it’s…

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